Lennon sails dominate again


Lennon sails again have dominated the Moth and I14 fleets in 2017.

Lennon Moth sails for the 2nd year running have won the Moth worlds and Europeans - Paul Goodison dominated a stellar fleet of 230 boats on lake Garda earlier this year beating AC winner Peter Burling and his own Artemis colleagues Nathan Outeridge and Iain Jenson. The top 20 was peppered with Olympic champions and reigning world champions from other classes.

Leading into the worlds Paul and Mike made some detailed changes to his A4m - maximising the luff dimension to the new 2017 rule changes and reducing foot and leech length to fit the lowered mast height. These changes reduce induced drag in max power conditions by having a longer span ( longer luff ) and reduced heeling force via lower overall mast height. So less drag and more righting moment!

Also the batten spec was changed days before the world with some detailed changes to the draft position and stiffness - this was actually done on the dinghy park at the event by grinding over size sections to the desired shape.

This spec is now standard with the new sail re coded A5m.

Dylan Fletcher whilst taking time out from winning in his 49er was busy taking the Moth Nationals with ease - sailing his hard wing "Rocket" Moth design powered by Lennon sails and Racewear !

I14 sails

Lennon Sails Dominate
Lennon Sails Dominate


With Glen Truswell and Sam Pascoe taking time out - Lennon teamed up with Neale Jones and Ed Fitzgerald.

I14 jibs can take a beating like any jib pre start, having to be allowed to flap means the film / Technora laminate is prone to cracking and splitting. In conjunction with our cloth laminating partner we have introduced F-skin ( Filament Skin ). This is a thin layer of multidirectional filaments coating a thin film which is then laminated as normal to the “membrane" substrate such as Aramid or Carbon fibre.

We made a new Jib for Neale and Ed from this product just before a windy European championship also on Lake Garda. They won the event despite loosing a race with some gear failure. Even now in a whole season later with much use, the sail is in great shape - no splitting and no sign of shrinkage.

They also had the newer Spinnaker design which is bigger and deeper than the existing design - this has now won the Worlds with Glen and Sam and the Europeans with Neale and Ed.

We have also tried F-Skin on Mike's own Moth sails but as the fully battened main sail never flaps - its benefit in marginal.

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